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Shanghai Chuanhu Valve Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D, production, sales of various types of automatic control valves and other valves products company, is a collection of scientific research development, design consulting, sales in the integration of economic enterprise. Over the years the company by leaders at all levels and the vast number of old and new customer care and support, has achieved the development. Shanghai Chuanhu valve limited company in these years the development process has witnessed the progress and perfection of the control valve, but also in the process of digestion and absorption of domestic and foreign control valve products, new technology, new experience, continuous improvement, innovation, form has its own distinctive characteristics of control valve series.

In recent years according to market demand , developed a series of workers adapt to the complex conditions of the new products and successfully used in petroleum , chemical, environmental , power, metallurgy , papermaking , water, light industry and other broad areas , the majority of users unanimously approved !

Shanghai Chuanhu valve limited company has long been engaged in a control valve design application research development and engineering professional team, has a set of advanced processing equipment and complete product testing process, using the control valve design software is the leading domestic, continue to adapt to the development of control valve products and new situation, the new demand。 Strictly the quality pass, so that each product has become a fine。

The valve series products mainly include: Electric control valve, Pneumatic control valve, Electric ball valve, Pneumatic ball valve, Electric butterfly valve, Pneumatic butterfly valve, Self regulating valve, Solenoid valve, Electric Gate valve, Pneumatic Gate valve, Electric globe valve, pneumatic globe valve series etc.. The general procedure of valve products series are: gate valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, globe valve, check valve, safety valve, pressure reducing valve, plug valve, balance valve, needle valve, plunger valve, Y-type filter . Can also be customized non-standard products, the user needs is the direction of our efforts!

For the user to provide full, full service corporate purpose, to enable you to have a good product but also has more assured services. From the selection to the customer service, we can provide the control valve is a one-stop solution for you.

Professional, efficient and timely service , allowing users to remove the worries , and get optimal return on investment 。 The spirit of " scientific and technological innovation , energy saving ," the service concept, the effort to build Oceanpower Valve Co。, Ltd。 Shanghai domestic control valve boutique brand , and is willing to join hands with friends , create a great cause !

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